by Jesse Hendley

The Radio Evangelistic News June 1988
Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 2:8-10, Matt. 6:9, John 15:4, 2 Thessalonians

While talking about salvation and how wonderful it is,
and how comforting to know it, a Christian friend said
to me, "One day I was standing and talking with a
Christian who made the statement, 'saving faith is the
gift of God.’ Immediately I sat down and rested my
weary soul and body. From that day I knew I was saved
and have been rejoicing in that knowledge and shall

This Christian learned this from Ephesians 2:8 where
we read that "salvation" comes "by grace" (God's
favor) "through faith" (confidence in Christ's saving
work for us) and Paul tells us. "This (salvation) is
not of you "-you are not the source of salvation---
you have nothing to do with it---No human can save
himself or help in the saving process. It is "a gift
---It is from God" (literally "from God is the gift")

So salvation is God's gift to the person who has faith
and puts his trust only in Jesus' sacrifice, therefore
"faith is God's gift."

Paul makes this plain when he continues, "It is NOT
OF WORKS," Nothing we can do will save us---
absolutely nothing---so quit trying, my friend! "Lest
anyone should boast"---God gives it to us so no one
can say he saved himself or helped God do it. We boast
in what God and Christ did for us on the cross. Not
from us---Not from our works---but it is by a gift
from God---We are saved!

Paul continues to make this clear as he says in verse
10, "For we are His (God's) workmanship"---The only
worker in my salvation is God! He did the work on the
cross and did the work in my mind and heart when He
gave me faith to believe Jesus settled my sin when He
died for me. Every Christian is a display of God's
saving work by grace, and this began when we put our
faith, trust, completely, solely in Christ's sacrifice
and it will go on forever as ...

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