WHY? (1 OF 3)

by Jesse Hendley

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WHY? (1 of 3)
Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 4:15-16

As a preacher of the Word in a city where we were in a
revival, a godly man came to my motel room and told me
that his wife had a tumor and he, she, and the doctors
are greatly distressed about it. He looked at me and
asked, "Why?" How do you maintain faith in a situation
like this? Where is the peace the Bible speaks about?
How can you have joy when you are sweating out a situ-
ation like this?"

Another godly friend called from a distant city.
Having his condominium roofed, the contractor failed
to cover it adequately. A tremendous rainstorm came
over the weekend and drenched the interior. Walls
soaked, carpets flooded, furniture ruined, then a
terrible business loss. His children were all saying

A businessman came. All of a sudden, he lost all his
financial gains, swept away in a business venture gone
sour. His wife couldn't take it and she divorced him.
He is a Christian and has sought to trust and serve
the Lord for many years. He is no longer young and he
faces retirement without adequate funds. He came to
the preacher and asked, "Why?"

A godly friend who had helped us for many years in
the business aspects of our radio work, died suddenly
and his wife is left alone. Why?

This question comes to everyone sometime in this life.
My wife and I have faced this question when she had
four operations in thirteen months and it seemed that
this glorious ministry of the Word might be

I do not know all the answers. If I did, I would be
equal to God in knowledge. I would know as much as God
knows and He has complete knowledge. His knowledge is
infinite. What we know is limited, and even so great a
man as the Apostle Paul cries out, "How unsearchable
are His judgments and His ways past finding out."

As I have for many years pondered this question, "Why
the sufferings and trials of this life on earth?" I
have had several tho ...

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