by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 4

Turn with me to Chapter 4 of Revelation. Here we have
the picture of the throne of God. Friends, there are
four great chapters in the Bible that deal with God's
throne. Now there are two things above everything else
that I want to know. First, I want to know what God is
like so I study about God. I want to know about this
Being that I am going to meet when this heart stops
beating and I may meet Him any moment. With every
breath you and I have breathed in this room, somebody
has died and gone to meet God. Second, I want to know
what kind of world I am going into when I leave this
body and leave this world. That is why I study the
Bible. Nobody can tell me authoritatively what God is
like. He has to tell me. He does so in the Bible.
Nobody can tell me what the next world is like. There
are many books written and many people talking about
what they think. That doesn't mean a thing. I want to
know the truth and the truth is the Bible. Do you want
to know what God is like? Study the Bible. Do you want
to know what the next world is going to be like that
you will be moving into when that heart stops beating?
Study the Bible. It is in the Word of God.


John, then sees a door open in heaven and a voice
says, "Come up hither", and he said, "immediately I
was in the Spirit" and he sees God sitting on His
throne. Now there are four great throne chapters in
the Bible, Isaiah 6, Ezekiel 1, Daniel 7, and the
great throne chapter in Revelation 4 that we are
considering here. So if you want to study the Word of
God about the great throne that governs the whole
world, where God the Father sits and controls all
things, study these four chapters.


When John is caught up into heaven, he says, "I was in
the spirit", so in the spirit he was carried to heaven
and he saw a throne and he saw the One sitting on that
throne. When I first stud ...

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