by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:24

Now if you have your Bibles, I would like for you to
turn with me to Romans, the first chapter, and we are
studying some very important passages here that will
be a blessing to our hearts today, I am sure, if we
listen to the Word of God.

We read the amazing statement in Romans 1:24, "God
gave them up." God gave them up! Those are terrible
words: just four words---God gave them up. WHOM does
God give up? WHY does He give them up? That is the
question that comes to us today. God, giving up
people? We have learned about God from the Bible and
know that His Nature is one of mercy and grace and
salvation and love. We know that God created us for
Himself and not for judgment, not for eternal death.
We know that God is a God of mercy, a God of grace.
All through the Bible God reveals Himself as loving
human beings, and He tells us that He made us NOT for
ourselves, NOT for judgment, but He made us for
salvation and eternal life.

But here in Romans 1, we read that God gives certain
people up. Now WHY does He give people up? We find the
answer today in the study of this chapter. It is an
illumination from God's Holy Spirit. I call your
attention to verses 21, 22, 25, and 28. WHY does God
give people up?

Well, here we have it first of all in verse 21. God
gives up people when they steadfastly refuse to
recognize Him and His Essential Greatness. We read,
"Because that Knowing God they glorified Him not as
God." It doesn't say they ignore Him. It doesn't say
that they say He does not exist. Not at all. They just
do not glorify Him AS GOD. They know about Him, but
they glorify Him not as God. That is, they refuse to
honor His Office, His Deity, and His marvelous
Position Above All as GOD. They do not appreciate what
He does for them, neither give thanks unto Him for
what He does. "They glorified Him NOT AS GOD." Those
are terrible words, my f ...

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