by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Judges 16:20

Will you turn with me, please, to the Book of Judges,
chapter 16, verse 20, and we have today an important
study in God's Word that I hope will be a blessing to
your souls. It is a very sharp message, a message we
need. It concerns a DELUSION that I as an evangelist
am finding among people today. I want to speak to you
on "The Popular Delusions of Unsaved People About
Their Capability of Salvation." Popular DELUSIONS of
unsaved people---the idea that they can be saved any
old time they want to.

Most people have that idea. The other day I was
talking to a preacher up in our northland about that
very thing. But when we faced the Scriptures, friends,
we found that people can delay, and put off salvation,
and wait, and wait and wait, until it is DIFFICULT for
them to come to Christ, and in some cases IMPOSSIBLE.
The time to come to the Lord, definitely, is in your
youth. If you have waited beyond YOUTH to come to
Jesus, then you've waited a long time.

Now, to be sure, GOD CAN save older people if they
have not hardened themselves. I knew a man eighty
years of age who was saved out in Winslow, Arizona.
I'll never forget when that man accepted Christ and
walked out of that prayer room and fell in his wife's
arms, and she sobbed out, "I've prayed thirty-five
years for this." I remember that man saying, "I can't
be saved," but we pointed him to the Word of God and
he found peace in Jesus. Later when I went back to
that city, I found him still walking with the Lord
Jesus Christ.

But it is true; it is an actual fact that the great
majority of people come to Christ in their youth. You
can test any audience of Christian people, and you'll
find that true. In fact, it has been estimated that 80
% of people saved were saved sometime before their
sixteenth year.

So there is a popular delusion among unsaved people
about their ...

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