by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Second Peter 3:3

I want to speak to you today on the signs of the days
in which we live, days of trouble, days of difficulty.
In Second Peter 3:3 God says that there will come in
the last days "scoffers", saying, "Where is the
promise of His coming?" People will be scoffing about
the truth revealed in the Bible of the RETURN OF JESUS
back to this earth. People are not scoffing quite so
much now; they are beginning to realize that Jesus
Chirst is the Only Hope for this world. The Bible
certainly teaches that He is COMING AGAIN, and the
Bible certainly teaches that Jesus Christ's RETURN is
the only hope for this world, that man cannot work out
his problems for himself.


You take in the realm of science itself. In 1860 a
French scientist made this statement: "Inside of one
hundred years of physical and chemical science man
will know what the atom is. A prediction by a
scientist in 1860 that by 1960 man would know what the
atom is! Here we are, in LESS than a hundred years,
already knowing about the atom and deeper into the
truth about power and the release of energy than we
have ever been before.

He said also: "It is my belief that when science
reaches this stage God will come down to earth with
His big rings of keys and say to humanity, "Gentlemen,
it is CLOSING TIME." I tell you, friends, one of the
reasons I believe the Lord is coming, OUTSIDE of the
Bible prediction, is that man has made the discovery
of and is face to face with FRIGHTFUL POWER that he
cannot control! There is coming a great destruction.
The Bible reveals there is coming a time of great
trouble before Jesus returns to earth, such as the
world has never known. The scientific progress made in
the past few years is a WARNING. Even a scientist says
so. He says, not even from the Bible viewpoint that
GOD is going to step into man's affairs at CLOSING
TIME, time for GOD to ...

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