by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Peter 1:19

The hot spot in this dangerous world! News---The
threat of war has erupted again in the MIDDLE EAST!
The cameras of the world are focused on the activities
in this part of the world. Every newscast makes it the
foremost item! Why? Because IRAQ, under the leadership
of Saddam Hussein, has invaded Kuwait and has
threatened Saudi Arabia.

"The Response"

At this writing our nation is flooding Saudi Arabia
with our best soldiers, tanks, and planes. Our best
ships with aircraft carriers are patrolling the waters
of that area. A blockade has been set up to prevent
supplies from entering Iraq or oil from coming out.
Sanctions have been imposed by the United Nations,
condemning this invasion. Soldiers and fighting
equipment of many nations are being sent to help Saudi
Arabia in this crisis. Even Arab nations have con-
demned Iraq for this move. King Hussein is caught in
the middle. He is a friend of the USA and Saddam
Hussein. So dangerous is his position that he flew to
America to see if a war can be averted. Americans have
been taken hostage (whatever word used means exactly
this) in Iraq. Loved ones are in great fear
remembering the hostage crisis under President Carter.
Here at home the picture of husbands, mothers, wives,
and children bidding farewell to their soldier loved
ones is an agony to behold. Every thoughtful American
with peoples of many nations are greatly concerned
with the fact that any moment war may break out in the
Middle East, a war whose duration and horror none can


Why this crisis? Why should Iraq's invasion of little
Kuwait upset the whole world? The answer is one word
"Oil." Oil means energy---energy that keeps the
nations of earth going. Oil is a major part of the
lifeblood of the peoples of the world. Kuwait is rich
in oil. Iraq has taken over that country. Saudi Arabia
has some of the richest oil fie ...

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