by Jesse Hendley

The Radio Evangelistic News May-June 1975
Jesse M. Hendley

People are asking about the Viet Nam situation in the
light of Bible prophecy! God in the Bible foretells
the End from the Beginning, and one of the most ex-
citing experiences for the student of Bible prophecy
is to see the world events moving toward that

The situation in Viet Nam is painful to behold-the
war, the refugees, the orphans, the families broken
up; the death of loved ones, so senseless, so
needless. Thank God, Jesus will come and bring peace
to the earth by making proper disposition of all non-
peaceful people. The only way for people to have peace
is to receive Christ into their hearts and live the
life of love and peace. Or, for Christ to banish those
who do not want peace. Christ is coming back to earth
and will be King of kings and Lord of lords and judge
of all the earth. Revelation 20.


Three things are noteworthy that have come out of the
Viet Nam horror.

1. American prestige has fallen. This is an American
defeat: America entered this war seeking to halt the
spread of Communism. We poured billions of dollars
worth of war equipment, and thousands of American
soldiers gave their lives for this purpose. We did not
stop Communism. They won. Many people are saying now
that America let the Vietnamese down and proved that
we cannot be counted on to keep our commitments. This
is a step downward in American prestige.

The Bible makes it plain that we are to lose our
position of superiority in the world. The last 3 1/2
years before Jesus comes back to the Mount of Olives,
not America, but a ten-kingdom alliance of European
countries around the Mediterranean Sea will be in
absolute military, economic and political power over
the world under Antichrist.

Revelation 13:4, 7, 16, 17. "And they worshipped the
dragon which gave power unto the beast. And they
worshipped the b ...

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