by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Habakkuk 1

If you have your Bibles, turn with me to the Book of
Habakkuk, please. Habakkuk is in the Old Testament, a
very important book today!

The other day a Jewish rabbi raised this question, and
he answered it partially. I want to answer it from
Habakkuk today. "Do Russia's scientific gains under
communism mean that America's faith in God is
outmoded?" This was the question raised by the Jewish
rabbi before his congregation. "Is God using Russia to
try to bring us to our knees?" Here is what he said:

"It was certainly untenable for the Hebrew prophets of
twenty-seven centuries ago. They read ANOTHER meaning
into the struggle between the nations to destroy one
another and into the conquest of cruel empires over
more civilized people. The prophets believed that
nothing happens in human events except as a part of
God's will, and for a moral purpose. If the prophets
were alive today, they would say that Russia, as
defiant of God as she may be, is at the same time an
instrument of God in His Divine Economy and is a
warning to us that we are not what we ought to be

Well, the whole Bible bears that out, does it not? God
promised Israel, "As long as you obey Me I will give
you peace from all your enemies round about you. But
when you disobey Me I will bring against you your
enemies. And if you continue, they will take you
captive into their lands." That is the record of the
Old Testament. That is where the Jewish rabbi got his
approach to this modern problem. Russia is godless;
can God use a godless nation to destroy, or to break
down, or to bring to repentance, or whip, a nation
that does have some godliness in it? Well, let's see
what HABAKKUK has to say!

The word "Habakkuk" means literally "embrace, or
ardent embrace." As we read this little book in the
Old Testament, we find this man Habakkuk a man of God.
How wonderful it is in da ...

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