by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
First John 5:4

A Message For The New Year

Now if you have your Bibles, friends, I want you to turn
with me to First John 5, verse 4. We are studying today one
of the most important studies in the Bible and in the
Christian life. I want to speak to you today on the
subject, "Winning the Battle." You know, there is an old
song, "And when the battle's over, we shall wear a crown."
But so many people do not think of the Christian life as a
battle. Let me read to you from First John 5:4. "For
whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world, and this is
the victory that overcometh the world, even our FAITH."
Notice, "This is the victory that overcometh the world,
even our FAITH."

Winning the battle! The Christian life IS a battle. We have
that in the word "overcomer." The word OVERCOMER is a
battle word! It means that when we become Christians there
are some things we must overcome, that there are ENEMIES in
the Christian life. This is the reason so many people do
not seemingly go on with the Lord. For instance, you see
somebody that you think is going to be a great Christian.
They seem to be soundly CONVERTED. They give themselves to
prayer and Bible study and witnessing for Jesus. They are
faithful in their attendance at God's House. They are
faithful in their giving and faithful in every phase of
their Christian life.

And yet, a year from now, what has happened to Mary or
John? Or two years, or five? Or on down the road? So many,
many people do not GO ON with the Lord. So many people,
seemingly, from their outward lives, do not go on with the
Lord. Why? Because they didn't realize that the Christian
life is a BATTLE and that you and I have got to FIGHT every
step of the way in the Christian life, and that God plans
for us not only to fight but TO OVERCOME, to CONQUER the
enemy and our enemies.

This is the reason, then, why so many people do not GROW in

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