by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 24

Friends, turn with me now, please, to Matthew,
chapter 24, I would like to speak to you about
"Deceptions in the End-time." I don't know of a mes-
sage more important than this message we are about to
bring, because it is the Word of God dealing with the
trickery of Satan in the end-time to DECEIVE people.
Multitudes will be deceived in the end-time,
according to the Word of God,

Deception on TV

Not long ago my wife was looking at a nationally
televised program dealing with Bible prophecy. The
host of the show was interested in Bible prophecy,
and they had a man on the show that believed in the
Lord, believed in the Second Coming of Jesus, the
Tribulation Period, the Millennium and other won-
derful truths of Bible prophecy. They also had on the
show a man who did not believe the Bible relative to
prophecy. In fact, he didn't even believe in Christ,
though he is a leader in a well-known religious group
that supposedly believes in God. This man says that
Jesus is just a man, not God in the flesh.

II John 7

Now, friends, that is a terrible statement for a man
to make, I was immediately reminded of that passage
in Second John 7 that says, "This is a deceiver and
an antichrist, who does not believe that Jesus Christ
is God come in the flesh," A person who does not
believe that Jesus is God is a deceiver and an
antichrist! Now this is what we are seeing today: men
actually denying the truth of the Word of God.

Deception In Jesus' Day

This is not amazing, because even in Jesus' day there
were RELIGIONISTS who said o£ Christ, "This deceiver
said that he would rise again the third day," Those
Jewish leaders made sure that the tomb was sealed and
urged the Roman soldiers to guard it carefully
because they remembered that this deceiver (talking
about Jesus) said that he would rise again on the
third day. They never received the truth a ...

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