by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:13

A mother watched her little boy ride a bicycle out
doors and one day while she was watching, he disap-
peared. She could not find him anywhere. She went to
the neighbor's house where he did go sometimes. They
were not at home and she became a bit frantic and as
she searched around, she found him at a high school
football field, his bike parked and sitting in the
stands absorbed in the action going on. She was
greatly distressed and said to him, "Didn't you hear
me?" He replied, "I heard you, but not loud enough."
What he meant was "I heard you but I didn't want to
obey you." I thought this was a great lesson as I
study the Bible. God is speaking to human beings
today, speaking loud enough for people to hear but
most are not listening. God is speaking to us in His
Son, the Bible, by the Spirit, through His specially
called messengers. And then He speaks in the depths
of every heart, calling people to Himself.

Everyone has heard and most have turned away from
God's call refusing to answer Him. Some say, "I
heard your call and I answer you today by coming to
you through Christ as you called me to do." These
people are saved. I am in this group, praise God!
But most people all over the earth are saying with
little Johnny, "I heard, but I didn't want to
answer. I didn't want you interfering with my will.
I want to be left alone, to do what I want and not
what you want, to live my way without any
restraints." Now the warning is this. A child cannot
live without someone to love him, guide him, and
take care of him and to lead him in the right way;
but a parent cannot make a child listen and obey if
he will not listen. A human being cannot live
without God, and no one can have God without Christ,
and he will destroy himself now and forever if he
rejects Christ, for then he is rejecting God and
rebelling against Him. God cannot bring to heaven
one who wil ...

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