by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 15:13

If you have your Bible, turn with me to Romans 15:13. I
hope many lives will be changed today as this message is
read. We are talking about believing. What do you believe?
What does it mean to believe? That has been rolling around
in my mind for a long, long time, so I want to address it

"The God of Hope"

In Romans 15:13, the apostle Paul says, "Now the God of
hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing. "There
are a number of titles about God. Here He is called "The
God of Hope." It doesn't mean He has hope. He is almighty.
He doesn't need any hope. It means He is the One who gives
hope to us helpless, sinning, suffering human beings.

"All Joy and Peace"

"All joy." Is it possible for me to have all joy? If I
have a gallon bucket full of water, then there is nothing
else in it but water. If I am filled with "all joy, " then
there is nothing in me but joy. I don't see that very
much, and so often I haven't manifested that either. That
is why I say to you it is not easy to believe. Most people
don't read the Bible because it is hard to believe. We are
so helpless it is difficult for us to really believe this
is so. Friends, either this Bible is the biggest fairy
story ever told, or it is so, one of the two, and you and I
know what it is---it is so. So we can be filled with "all
joy." And then he said, "and peace." So it is possible for
every born-again believer to be filled with joy and peace,
but most of us are not manifesting that today.

The apostle Paul says in Romans 8:37, "We are more than
conquerors through him that loved us. " That is, everything
that comes our way we conquer and more than conquer. We do
it easily if we really walk with God. Now this sounds wild
and it is not very much manifested, but the problem is most
of us do not live very close to God. The Church of the Lord
Jesus Christ today is far away from t ...

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