by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 22:29,I Corinthians 6:9 and I Corinthians

Now, friends, I would like to speak to you on the
subject, "Victory over Deception," People everywhere
are being deceived in spiritual things,


The other day we came to the conclusion of a revival
meeting. I had just been downstairs with the
children, where we had had a hot dog supper and I had
given them the gospel very plainly, just like it is,
and in Christian love. Remember, friends, today they
must have the Gospel, for there is so much entering
their minds today that would turn them away from
Jesus. I had just come upstairs from that meeting to
prepare for the evening service and rapped on the
door of the pastor's study, He came to the door and I
saw that he had been talking with a young lady and I
excused myself, not wanting to interrupt. But he
said. "She wants to talk with you."

I went in and sat down, and she told me she was
having trouble with the devil and demons. She said,
"I have been troubled by the devil since I was a
child. In my home back in the early days I remember
the ouija board. My parents believed in the devil and
demons, and in those early days I began to yield to
Satan and to sin, I have no strength against sin."
There was a solemn, unhappy, miserable look on her
face. She said, "I married the first time. I had
affairs on the side. It seemed I could not resist
sin. I was divorced, I married a second time and
again lived in sin on the side, I don't seem to have
power to resist sin and the devil, I am weak."

I said, "Do you want the victory?" She said, "Yes."

"Do you believe in Jesus?" "Yes."

"Do you believe Jesus loves you?" "Yes."

"Do you believe that Jesus died for you?" "Yes,"

I asked her these things because a person must be
open to the Truth in order to be delivered, I said,
"Jesus Christ is your Deliverer. He DIED and paid for
all these sin ...

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