by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ezekiel 35

God's Word is always fulfilled; friends, and today
we are studying the fulfillment of God's Word in
the DESTRUCTION of a people called EDOM. When we
trace God's ways in dealing with people, it is
something to behold! Many people have false concep-
tions of God. We need to know God's Truth.


EDOM, in the Word of God, is a land southeast of
the Dead Sea. (You may want to check this on the
map in the back of your Bible.) The Word Edom means
"red." The Greek form is IDUMAEA. It was the name
given to Esau. God's Word says the land of Edom was
given to Esau. He was the firstborn of Isaac and
the twin of Jacob.

The word Edom is an interesting word because it
does mean "red." The country the Lord gave to Esau
is called the land of Edom in Genesis 32:3 and it
is a red-hued country, a mountain country.

Previously it was called MOUNT SEIR, which means
"rugged," from Sinai to Kadesh-Barnea, South of the
Dead Sea, below Moab.

The ancient capital was called Bozrah but the city
called Sela (in Hebrew) or Petra (in Greek) became
more famous. Today people visiting the Holy Land go
into Petra, called "The ROSE-RED CITY" because of
its beautiful colors. The Hebrew Sela means,
"rock." The Greek word Petra means, "rock," and
there in Edom this chief city was literally carved
out of rock. Today we see temples, tombs and a
theater seating 3000 people. It is one of the
wonders of the world. Visitors come from all over
the world to see Petra, the Rock City, because of
the carvings there. The ancient capital, as we
said, was Bozrah but Petra, south of Bozrah, became
the principal city and stronghold in the days of

The seaports captured by David, where Solomon
equipped his fleets, were Elath and Ezion-Geber.
Later on the Nabateans came in and took possession
of the land. They were an Arabian tribe,
descendants of Nebioth, Ishma ...

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