by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 7:15-23

If you have your Bible now, turn with me, to Mark,
chapter 7 and verses 15 to 23, and we are going to
study today "Things That Defile or Corrupt Men." That
means all of us. Things that Jesus warns us about.
Things that Jesus says are bad.

I am reading to you from a modern translation today,
just to make it a little clearer to us in modern
English. The words of the Lord Jesus Christ, beginning
with verse 20: "Know that it is what comes from a man
that defiles him. From within, from the heart of men,
the designs of evil come. Sexual vice, stealing,
murder, adultery, lust, malice, deceit, sensuality,
envying, slander, arrogance, recklessness, all these
evils issue from within and they defile (or corrupt) a
man." So we are going to study today the things that
JESUS SAID will corrupt a man. Corrupt him, defile
him, make him ugly, sinful, nauseating to God and to
man. That is what sin does.

Over in Psalm 24:4 the Psalmist raised the question,
"Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, and who
can stand in His Holy Place?" The answer is, "He that
hath clean hands and a pure heart." Clean hands, and a
pure heart. I have written this in Hebrew on a little
slip of paper and keep it before me on my desk, as a
reminder to me that if I am going to walk with
my God today, tomorrow, on through life, and in the
land beyond, He REQUIRES of those who walk with Him
"clean hands and a pure heart." NAKI CAFAYIM.
"Clean hands." Now the word NAKI means, "pure,
innocent, free from blame, clear, free from guilt."
Hands that are "pure." Hands that are "innocent."
Hands that are "free from blame; they haven't given
themselves to sin." Hands that are "clear from blame."
Hands that are "free of guilt." Clean hands means, of
course, externally, outside. We haven't let the
members of our body lead us into sin.

And then, "a pure heart." PURE HEART? Yes, that is
w ...

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