by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 11:26

I want to speak to you in these moments on the word
"Christian." Are you a Christian? Am I a Christian? Let's
look into the Word of God and see.

Today the word Christian (most people's idea about it, if
they haven't gone into the Word of God on this matter) will
be the current interpretation of Christian. If we are
around the church, we will have the church interpretation
of it as we simply go from day to day talking about the
word Christian. Or if we are in a home where there are
Christians that will color our interpretation of the word
Christian. And then, some people have their own ideas about
what a Christian is, wholly apart from what God says.

Now the Word of God is the only authority on this word
CHRISTIAN! What IS a Christian? We say that we are
"Christians." What is that word? Let's look at it for a
moment in Acts 11:26. "The disciples were called Christians
first in Antioch." That was the first time these followers
of Christ were labeled "Christians." Originally they were
called "People of the Way," because Jesus said, "I am the
Way." They were called by Jesus himself, "Disciples," which
means learners or pupils or scholars; He taught them and
they listened to what He had to say, and they sought to
LIVE the life He taught them to live.

So a Christian was a disciple because he tried to live as
Jesus TAUGHT Him to live. Then at Antioch they were first
called "Christians" because people heard this name of
"CHRIST" on their lips all the time! They LOVED Christ!
They TALKED about Christ! Christ was the center of their
lives, and Christ was the circumference of their lives.
Christ was their VERY life! They witnessed for Christ.
Everything had to do with "CHRIST." They bore the name,
therefore, "Christians" because of their connection with
Jesus Christ.

Now again in Acts, chapter 26, verse 28, "Then Agrippa said
unto Paul, Almost thou per ...

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