by Jesse Hendley

A Christmas Message
Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 2:11

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like for
you to turn with me to Luke 2 today, as we speak to
you on the subject, "Where Is God?"

We are living in the gravest Christmas season in the
history of the world, without a shadow of doubt. It is
a grave situation RELIGIOUSLY. Today MIRACLE has
largely gone out of the thinking of people
religiously. People are denying true religion, denying
miracle, denying the fact that God is operating in the
lives of men today. Everywhere you turn in magazines
and books the Miracle has gone out of religion. In our
theological seminaries today there is a new thing
being taught, called NEO-ORTHODOXY. NEO, of course,
means NEW. It is a "NEW orthodoxy." Believe me, it is
different from the OLD orthodoxy, indeed! It is not
orthodoxy AT ALL.

Many of these leaders deny the wonderful truths of the
Bible. One of the leaders of this New Orthodoxy says
the Holy Spirit refuses to witness to him. This is
Emil Brunner, in the passages about the Virgin Birth
of our Saviour. Hence he rejects the idea as abortive
attempt by Matthew and Luke to explain the mystery of
the Person of Jesus. Niebuhr says he does not believe
in an everlasting, actual hell. He says the Scriptures
that teach this do not speak to him. In other words,
there are theologians today who accept only a PART of
the Bible, only that which "speaks" to their own
hearts, and that which does not "speak" to them they
do not accept. It is a tragic hour!

It is a crisis in the history of the World,
religiously. Mohammedans are making Mohammedans faster
than Christians are making Christians. They tell us
that the world is becoming PAGAN to the tune of a
million persons per YEAR. Much of the world is still
unevangelized. Young people are not surrendering to
missions and fulltime Christian work as they did in
the days of real revival.

We talk ...

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