by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Many people all over the world today are interested in
Bible Prophecy. They recognize that the world is in a
great upheaval. There have been worldwide disturbances
in the past through which men have survived, but
thinking people today know that mankind is in a
dangerous situation and that the very existence of the
race is being threatened. Many do not see any way out
and are saying that civilization is doomed. Others are
asking if humanity can endure. Multitudes today are
turning to the Bible and especially to the great
prophecies to see what they have to say (the prophets,
Christ and the Apostles) about the future of mankind
and the end of the world (present world order). Let us
look into this question carefully and see what the
Bible says.

The Bible Predicts

The Bible contains many predictions. The Bible word is
prophecy. The Greek word prophesy means "to speak
forth." A prophet is a person who speaks out the
Divine Will. Prophecy then is the God-given message a
prophet proclaims to the people. Some of these
messages coming from God have to do with God's will
for man as we live our lives on this earth; other
messages or prophecies have to do with the future.

God Has a Plan

God reveals His plan in THE BIBLE, the written Message
from God to man which He sent through the prophets of
the Old Testament, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the
Apostles in the New Testament. In Ephesians 3:11 we
read of "the eternal purpose which He purposed in
Christ Jesus." Literally, "the purpose of the ages."
The word translated purpose comes from a Greek word
which means "to set before one's self, to propose; to
purpose; to resolve that some end or object be
accomplished; an aim to be reached; the mind, with
design and intent, directed on some end to be

So God, before He created the world, "set before Him"
A PLAN for the human race w ...

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