by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 25:1-13

I want to speak to you today on READINESS TO MEET THE
LORD. We read in Mathew 25, "And they that were READY
went in, and the door was SHUT." That always makes me
tremble, to think about the Shut Door. The SHUT DOOR
to the Father's House! When we sing our invitation
hymns in Gospel meetings, and sing "Open wide Thine
arms of love, Lord, I'm coming Home," I always think
about that time when the door will be SHUT and those
Arms of Love will no longer be outstretched and a soul
will weep its way down, lost, into ETERNITY! It is
awful to think about, and yet SO FEW are ready today
to meet the LORD! I wonder if you are among those who
are READY.

Soon we MUST meet Him. We are going to meet Him by
death, or we are going to meet Him by the Second
Coming of the Lord Jesus. We are in an hour of great
crisis right now. You and I know that. Palestine is
TNT, DYNAMITE, that threatens to explode into world-
wide conflagration at any time. From God's Word it
seems that the United States with Britain will meet
Russia's armies in Palestine, in the plan of God.
Ezekiel 38 and 39 certainly sets forth the invasion of
Palestine. Palestine is to be the scene of the
gathering of the armies of the nations, as we read in
Zechariah 14:2. God proclaims, "I will gather all
nations against Jerusalem to battle." It does not take
great thought to see the nations on the march to their
final destiny in the Holy Land, now defiled by blood
and war but soon to become the City of the Great King,
as we read in Matthew 5:35.

Now, my friends, the world is in the most serious
crisis ever known. The sad thing is that people seem
not to be much concerned. That is the great fear I
have for America! You say, "Well, Preacher, we've
always hollered, `Crisis!' " That's right. God SAID
this world would END in an hour of terrible crisis.
Are we just going to get used to it? Are ...

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