by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 13:1-15

Turn with me to Hebrews, chapter 13, today and we're
studying the Word of God about what the Lord Jesus
Christ means to us today. What are you thankful for
today? Notice He says here in the beginning of this
great chapter, "Be not forgetful to entertain
strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels
unaware." You know we know so little about the spirit
world but God's Word teaches that many times spiritual
beings assume human form and come into this world. You
remember in the Old Testament, Israel was to take care
of the stranger that came to his door. God looks out
for strangers; God looks out for widows; God looks out
for orphans, God says, "I'll be a father to the
fatherless and I'll be a husband to the widow." God is
always that way. He always has cared for the stranger.

When the Israelite cut his gardens, and his vineyards,
and his orchards, he was always to leave some for the
wayfaring man, the stranger that might be coming
along, so that if he were hungry there should at least
be something for him. That's the kind of a God we
have. So many people try to make God an old meany. I
tell you right now, friends, He loves us. And of
course sin will blast, damn, and separate us from Him
and bring us to hell, but if we repent of sin which
means turn to God in faith, then God will help us live
a life that is well pleasing to Him. We are to
entertain strangers. We're to look out for those who
are needy and see that their needs are taken care of.

Then in verse 3, "Remember them that are in bonds."
We are to look out for the prisoners. Matthew, chapter
25, Jesus said, "I was in prison and ye came unto me."
He identifies himself with every man who is in prison.
Jesus Christ will come to you and sustain you and
strengthen you in this hour. We're to remember those
who are in bonds.

Then He tells us about the honorableness of marriage, ...

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