by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
James 1:12-18

We are taking up a portion of the Book of James today,
chapter 1, verses 12 to 18, and we are studying the reality
of temptation and sin. It is an important study, and I hope
it will be a real blessing to our hearts. I know it will if
we take it in! For God's Word is all profitable, and as we
take it in God will bless us. The reality of temptation and

We are living in a time when sin is no longer a very
popular word. We are living in a day when temptation is---
well, we are not warned about it. In the old days fathers
and mothers WARNED children about temptation. I remember
back there when so many people lived out on the farms, you
know, and the children were TOLD about the temptations of
the city. We don't hear much about that any more. The
population has moved toward the cities now, and nobody ever
thinks much about temptation. In fact, there is a
tremendous breakdown all around, of morals! Some people are
talking about it under the guise of "emancipation,"
deliverance from old bogies and fears. But, my friends,
anything that is a temptation to sin is liable to BE a sin,
and SIN (God's WORD says) winds up in DEATH, death to
everything that is good.

So we have today James 1:12-18, the reality of TEMPTATION
and SIN. The first thing we learn about it is that James
says CHRISTIANS are tempted. Do not think that when you
become a Christian you are "beyond" temptation! In fact,
your temptation will be heightened after you have accepted
the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and are filled with the
spirit of God, for up until that time the devil has been
more or less inactive toward you, has been asleep regarding
you, for why should he worry about someone who is in his
hand thoroughly and completely? The devil is out to bring
souls to ETERNAL RUIN, and the way he does it is by KEEPING
YOU from putting your faith in Jesus and living for Je ...

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