by Jesse Hendley

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A Study in Acts
Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 26:18-19

Friends, turn with me to Acts, the 26th chapter, and
we are studying today a wonderful passage of
Scripture, and I hope it will be a rich blessing to
you. It has to do with the Apostle Paul and also with
us, and it is entitled, "The Heavenly Vision." Paul
said, "I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision."
What does he mean by the heavenly vision? Did Paul
have a vision from heaven? Did heaven contact Paul?
And if so, what WAS that heavenly vision that Paul was
faithful to? Then again, do we have heavenly visions
today? Does God contact people today, and give us
visions that He gave Paul?

First of all, notice here in these great 18th and 19th
verses of Acts 26, the word SANCTIFICATION. We read in
verse 18, "Those which are sanctified by faith that is
in Me." I want to remind you here that we have
sanctification described in verse 18. There is a lot
of questioning about sanctification. And there are a
lot of things that can be said about it. But people
never seem to get hold of the grasp of what
sanctification IS. Some people think sanctification is
something you get after you are born again or saved,
over in a corner somewhere praying, when you hear
voices and feel elevation of spirit and see spiritual
things and so on. I am not belittling; I am simply
saying that that is what some people think
sanctification IS. Maybe people DO have such
experiences as that. But that isn't primarily what
sanctification is, my friends. I am not belittling
anyone. I am not making fun of anyone who has any
visions at all. I am simply getting at the essence of
sanctification, which is described here, so that we
may intelligently known what it is.

Now sanctification is described in verse 18 of Acts 26
as two things. First, it is the opening of the eyes of
the unsaved to the spiritual world. Anything less than
this is not sanctific ...

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