by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 10:27-29

Today I want to speak to you on the wonderful fact of The
Eternal Preservation of the people of God. The Eternal
Preservation of God's Born again Ones.

There were many months in my life that my soul was in a
state of floundering and despair because I did not
recognize in the Bible, or KNOW, the precious truth of the
eternal preservation of a child of God, and how this truth
is linked up to our daily lives. There has been much
discussion about this thing, but how wonderful it is to
KNOW the Word of God and to know that a child of God, once
he has been born again, will be ETERNALLY PRESERVED by the

We have in chapter 10 of the Gospel of John some very
precious words. Jesus said, "My Father is greater than all,
and no one is able to pluck him (the BELIEVER) out of my
Father's hand." Jesus was talking about sinners. He was
talking about people who weren't yet in heaven. He was
talking about people not yet perfect. With all of our
imperfections, there is a wonderful, sweet PEACE in knowing
that we are eternally preserved in the Lord Jesus, that we
are KEPT by the power of God!

A Believer May Slip

Now one of the things that causes people to be upset, if
they do not think this thing through, is the fact that the
Bible teaches that true, born-again believers may slip. I
was talking to a friend last night who said, "I know so
many people who have been saved in your meetings, but I
know some that have gone back." Well, there is one
thrilling thing to me, and that is to know that MANY of
these people, though they are not on the firing line, are
going to meet us in heaven! We're going to have some
surprises over there. A born-again person CAN slip and
drift from God. It is recognized in the Bible that the
believer is not immune from falling into sin, and it is
terribly true that a real, genuine CHRISTIAN may sometimes
be found in a state of b ...

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