by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Peter 1:19

A friend who had heard me speak about Russia called me
recently and said, "Do you think this may be the time
of the wind-up?"

We should be very careful of what we say, regarding
prophecy, but one thing is sure, and that is that what
God has predicted will surely come to pass. God has
given us some words of prophecy. We read in Second
Peter 1:19, "We have also a sure word of prophecy,
whereunto you do well if you take heed, as a light
that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn and
the day star arise in your hearts." There God says
that He has given us the SURE word of prophecy.

That is a wonderful expression, "the word of
prophecy," the message of prophecy. He says we do well
to take heed unto it. For it is a light shining in a
dark place. This world is described as a dark place,
and the light of the prophetic Scriptures guides God's
child as to the time we are living in. God has given
us the Word; we need to take heed to it. In
Revelation, God speaks a blessing upon those who read
it and keep the things written in it. Friends, we need
to know today the truths of prophecy.

Dr. Wilbur M. Smith, an outstanding Bible scholar of
our day, compiled the statements of several different
men some years ago, on Prophecy. These men portrayed
things YEARS AGO that today are being fulfilled before
our very eyes, proving that from the Scriptures you
can read something of what is coming to pass, things
which God has laid out from the beginning.

Patrick Fairburn, writing back in 1829 on the
Restoration of the Jews, said, "If these predictions
of Ezekiel do not prove the future restoration of
literal Israel to the land of the fathers, it may be
asked in what language could such a promise be made.
We may as well deny the literal conversion as to deny
the literal restoration of Israel. An instant
dispersion was part of the punishment of their

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