by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4

Friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me,
please, to the Epistle to the Romans, chapter 4, and
today we are studying ABRAHAM'S ASTOUNDING FAITH.
Abraham's astounding FAITH, which is the type and
guide of the believer's, a guarantee of the believer's
faith. Abraham's faith then, is a type, a guide, a
guarantee, of the believer's faith.

Now the first thing we learn is Abraham's astounding,
amazing FAITH! It was amazing in a twofold way.
First of all, it was amazing because of its STRENGTH.
We read that Abraham, when God promised him a son when
it was impossible for him to have a son, his faith
never wavered one single instant. Not even when he
considered the whole situation did he doubt. He did
not doubt God COULD or that God WOULD do what He said.
This is the essence of faith. He didn't doubt.

Then secondly, it was amazing because of its
SUPERNATURAL OBJECT. Because the birth of Isaac was
equivalent to a resurrection from the dead. He
believed God COULD raise him, and WOULD raise his son
according to His Word. God's promise of Isaac was like
a promise of raising the dead, because Abraham's body
was dead, just as good as dead, as far as any child
was concerned, and so was his wife's, Sarah, who was
barren. But, Abraham knew that there was nothing too
hard for God! God is a God of miracles. God can do
what man calls "miracles." What is a miracle to man is
just common to God, because He is God and there is
nothing He cannot do. That's the answer to all these
doubters. It is so silly to me to even QUESTION God
and His power to create miracles, because, my beloved
friends, God is God. Just say "God" and you
immediately have the possibility of things totally
beyond our comprehension. Remember that. Just to say
"GOD." Anything you and I see is miraculous. We do not
know how He can fling a universe into being, keep the
stars in their cours ...

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