by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

If you have your Bibles now, friends, turn with me,
please, to the first chapter of Genesis, and we are
thinking now about that marvelous Book of Beginnings,
this amazing Book of Genesis which tells us the origin
of all things. We are living in days when men are
publishing articles under the guise of great learning
and knowledge and erudition that are CONTRADICTORY to
the pages of the Bible. Christian friend, be very
careful that you do not throw away the basis of your
faith. Don't throw away the Eternal Book of God for
some little passing whim of fancy of man. And I want
to remind you that this Book of Genesis gives us the
true teaching on the great themes that the human mind
can think about.

The Book of Genesis deals with Theology, the science
of the knowledge of God, and the other great
"ologies." The science of man, the science of the
world, the science of society, the science of the
races of men, that which we may know of the subject of
sin, and now we come to the fact that the Book of
Genesis deals with the knowledge of SALVATION. We call
that in theological terms Soteriology. That comes from
the word soterion, which means "salvation," in the
Greek. Soteriology, then, is the knowledge, or
theology, or the reasoning, about Salvation. All that
we can know about Salvation.


The Book of Genesis is an important book. It presents
to us the Fact of Sin. Sin IS an awful fact. We see it
round about. We see it in men's minds, men's bodies.
We pick up our newspaper and we see the fact of sin.
We walk down the street and see the fact of sin.
Everywhere we turn we find the fact of sin. We don't
need a Bible to tell us there IS SIN. People are doing
wrong. People are doing things they ought not to do
that bring unhappiness and tears and tragedy. The Fact
of Sin is presented to us in the Book of Genesis.


Then, the Fact of God ...

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