by Jesse Hendley

The Destructive Element
Jesse M. Hendley
Judges 6

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I want you to turn
with me to the Book of Judges, chapter 6, and we are
studying the wonderful experience of Gideon, a type of the
man whom God blesses. We found certain elements in the
character of Gideon, the way he acted, his attitudes, his
thinking, that God blesses and we find as we read the Bible
that this is uniform. We think a lot of times that God just
picks out this man and that man and the other man. It is
true that God does pick out individuals for some particular
job. The New Testament says, "To every man his work." That
is, to every Christian. The work of all of us today as
Christians is WITNESSING for Christ, prayer, Bible reading,
attendance at God's House, fellowship with God's people,
worship on the Lord's Day, giving of our means, our tithes
and offerings, to carry on His work, but particularly
witnessing for the Lord Jesus. All of these are true
characteristics of every Christian, what every Christian is
to do.

But there is a peculiar ministry for every one. For
instance, everyone is not called to be a preacher. That is,
not everyone is called to be set aside to minister to a
church flock, to be a pastor. Not everyone is called to be
an evangelist. There are many different calls. God needs
godly businessmen as much as He does pastors and
evangelists. God needs godly wives and mothers in the home,
to raise the children and influence the community for
Christ and for God. It doesn't make any difference what the
particular call of God is, there are certain things EVERY
Christian is to do, just as there are certain individual
things God gives to do that He does not give to everyone.

Now these things that we find in the spiritual character of
Gideon show us how God blesses people. These are elements
that are found in the hearts and lives of everyone whom God
can use. We found from the Word of ...

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