by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 5:17

We are living in a time of terrible sin. Everywhere
you turn you find it. I don't like to think about it.
It is obnoxious, the awful sin that is prevalent over
America today. People wonder WHY we are in war and why
our boys are dying, why there is commotion and unrest,
and high taxes that are burdening us down to the
ground, our economy is upset, fear has come upon us,
and people are so worried that they have to go to
psychiatrists. I have a doctor-friend who told me that
a doctor-friend of his is averaging about fifty women
a day, who are coming to him because of DRINK AND
CIGARETTES. They come to him for readjustment. Their
bodies are going; their minds are going; they are
troubled and restless. AVERAGING fifty women A DAY,
due to drink and cigarettes. They feel that these
habits relax them from worry, and instead they are
only more upset and miserable and unhappy. We are
living in times of awful sins of the flesh,
unfaithfulness among the married, and among the
unmarried. It is time, friends, that our hearts were
TURNED TO PRAYER because of the awful sins of America.
SIN, I tell you, is AWFUL in the sight of a holy God!
You say, "Well, it isn't so bad in the sight of man;
so many people are doing it." Well, the New Testament
says you cannot please man (with the sinful nature)
and please God, too. Anyway, at the end of life's
journey, will MAN be your judge, or will it be God?

In Galatians 5:17 we read about some of the evils that
are going on around us, today. We are not to have
anything to do with filth and impurity and
uncleanness, and yet, much of the literature that is
flooding the newsstands today is suggestive of all
such things. People's minds these days don't seem to
feel any compunction against the unclean, their eyes
being filled with unclean things.

Another word used in this passage is lasciviousness,
and it means sheer, unbri ...

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