by Jesse Hendley

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FOUR LOVES (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
I John 4:7

"Love This World"

Turn to I John chapter 4. We will now discuss "Love for
This World. " When you are born again and have the life of
God, the chief characteristic of your life is love. Verse
7, "Beloved (loved of God), let us love one another; for
love is of God (has its source in God); and every one that
loveth is born of God."

If I were to ask you, "Do you know God?" Perhaps you would
say, "Yes." If love is not the chief characteristic of your
life, then you don't know Him. This is the main test for
whether or not you know God. Do you show love at home, on
the job, at school, to your husband or wife, to your son or
daughter, to your in-laws, to the people at church, to the
people whom you meet? There is so much animosity, ill will,
and hatred in the church, that it is a wonder that God is
able to get anyone saved. How many Christians are in the
way of the work of God? He is going to move them out of the
way. If you carry around ill will in your heart all the
time for loved ones in your own home, then don't say that
you have God in your heart. That is not godlike.

"God's Love"

Love this world. Why? Because God does. We are so familiar
with John 3:16, but sometimes familiarity will breed
darkness toward a certain truth. "God so loved the world."
By the world, He is talking about every human being He
created. He made you, the murderer, the adulterer, the dope
addict, the harlot, and the home wrecker. He didn't make
them sin. That was their own choice. God gives us life. We
choose what to make of it. God loves this world. The proof
is that "He gave his only begotten Son" for the life of the
world. He gave Jesus to come down and die for my sins and
for yours and every human being's in this world who has
ever been born or ever will be born. He died that we might
be saved, be changed in this life, and begin to live and
love like God.

The world ...

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