by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Joshua 7:26

I want to speak to you now from Joshua, chapter 7,
verse 26, on "Trouble and Its Only Remedy." Achan and
the Valley of Achor.

The term "Valley of Achor" is used three different
times in the Bible. Joshua 7:26, Isaiah 65.10, and
Hosea 2:15. It is the PLACE OF TROUBLING. The word
Achan, which is used of the man, is used also of the
valley. Both of them have as their root meaning,
TROUBLE. Well, we are in a world of trouble. People
speak of trouble a lot.

Let us look at the text a moment. Joshua 7:26.
"Wherefore the name of that place was called the
valley of Achor." The valley of troubling, the place
of trouble.

We learn in verse 10 the futility of prayer where
there is sin unconfessed. Let's get the picture. You
remember that God had commanded the people to go into
the city and destroy it, destroy it utterly and
completely. God said that the children of Israel
should not take a spoil of anything they found. They
were to leave things just as they were. That was an
explicit command of God, and God has His reasons for
His commands. The Lord knows that there is such a
thing as discipline. He is the One Who is to tell us
what we are to do. He knows what is best for us, even
as parents know what is best for a child. Many
children do not understand why they must obey their
parents. But God in wisdom and love gave that command
for children to obey parents. Later on, children who
do not understand it and disobey their parents, learn
that God was right and they were wrong and they are
sorry. There must be discipline. There must be
sovereignty. There must be direction. There must be
headship. And the headship and sovereignty, of course,
is in the Hands of God.

Now Achan found there something that he wanted. A
Babylonish garment and a wedge of gold. He stole it,
and he hid it in his tent. But God saw what he had
done, and it was an aw ...

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