by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 14:1-12

You know, friends, we all have an influence. Just the
other day I was reading again the story of Herod and
John the Baptist. You remember the story. Herod was
living in sin. He had gone over to Rome and taken his
brother Philip's wife and was now living in sin in the
eyes of a holy God. And John the Baptist, a mighty man
of God, a man fully, thoroughly the Lord's, went to
Herod and toll him he was not living right. John did
it for Herod's good.

I was in a place the other day when a man burst in and
greeted another man and said he had a terrific
headache. This other man spoke up sarcastically and
said, "Well, maybe it's the evil thoughts you are
having! But I'm not 'preaching' to you!" Well, that
was just a jest. But back of it was a sting. Today
"preachers" are not thought well of by a lot of
people, all because real preachers speak against SIN,
and they know it, and they don't want to be 'preached
to'. They don't recognize that real preachers are the
messengers OF GOD. Most preachers are true, I believe.
There may be a few who disgrace the Lord and His
cause. But in the main, the preachers I've met are men
of God. And they have a great influence for God. They
are sent by the Lord.

There is a terrible passage for men who mock Gods
preachers over in Second Chronicles 36 we read this:
"They mocked the messengers of God and despised His
Word, misused His prophets, until the wrath of the
Lord arose against His people, till there was NO
REMEDY." God said, "I sent my messengers to you, and
you laughed at them. You didn't like it. You refused
My Word. When you were against them, you were against
Me. They came to you bearing My Message. You misused
my prophets. My wrath is against you. Now there is no
remedy, nothing but judgment." And God's judgment fell
heavily upon Israel.

In America today there is a great portion of ...

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