by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 1:1

The first verse of the Gospel of John reads, "In the
beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God."

The Gospel of John has been called the greatest book
in the world. It is a marvelous book, and we will be
happy if we can lead you to see some of the truths in
it. Let me remind you that if you read three chapters
a day, you can read through the Gospel of John in a
week, for there are just twenty-one chapters. Why
don't you do that, for a year? Yes, for a year. That
is the way you learn---by going over things over and
over again. That is the way you learn a language and
other things. By going over them, they stay with you.
Why don't you really try to master the Gospel of John?
You will know God's mind about salvation, as you will
never learn it in any other way.

There is no other Gospel so rich in typical (but
thoroughly real) groups and individuals. Among the
groups, we have the disciples, strangely
misunderstanding the Lord, and yet firmly believing on
Him. For instance, in John 4:33, we read these words:
"Therefore said the disciples one to another, Has any
man brought Him aught to eat?"

The disciples had gone away to buy some food, and in
the meantime Jesus had talked to a woman at a well. He
led her to believe in Him. She was wonderfully saved.
He told her of the Water of Life that He had to give,
and she said she wanted that water of Life, and He
said, "Go call your husband." She said, "I haven't any
husband." Jesus said, "Thou hast well said, I have no
husband, for thou hast had five and he whom thou now
hast is not thy husband. In that saidst thou truly."
And the woman said, "I perceive that Thou art a
prophet." The Lord Jesus then told her that they who
worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth,
and the woman was gloriously converted. When the
disciples came back and said, "Master, ea ...

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