by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 15:1

RIGHTEOUSNESS is a word we seldom hear these days, and
it needs to be heard again.

We are living, friends, in days of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, in
days of sordidness, in days of horrible SIN.

Listen to these words. The depth of sin as now openly
sanctioned passes all imagination. A joint committee
on psychiatry and the law, appointed by the British
Medical Association, and the Magistrates Association,
in its report on "the criminal law and social
offenders, recommends that homosexual practices, if
done in private should not be punishable at all." Now
here is open sanction of sodomy. In one of the
strongest indictments of sin in the Bible, the
sodomites are described as WICKED and SINNERS BEFORE
THE LORD EXCEEDINGLY! That is Genesis 13:13: Here we
have medical men, psychiatrists, and judiciaries,
leaders of the British Medical Association and the
Magistrates Association, representatives of medicine
and law, solemnly putting their 0. K. on a SIN that
God Almighty burned a city down to the ground to get
rid of!

And brother, GOD IS STILL THE SAME. Men have changed,
but not God. Today this sin of the vilest sort is
approved and condoned by men. We are headed for the
days of Noah as sure as we are here, the days before
the Flood, when God saved only eight souls on the face
of the earth. God SAID that in the last days it would
become that way. They little dream---these doctors and
men of law---of the consequences of their stand, upon
men. God's Word says, in Luke 17:29, these words, from
the lips of Jesus Christ: "In the day that Lot went
out from Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from
heaven, and destroyed them all. After the same manner
shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is
revealed." Sodomites! Lustful men and women!

It is on record that there are such people in our own
government---they have the names of them---that are
living such lives, a ...

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