by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 7:7

Friends, turn with me, please, to Romans 7, verse 7.
We are studying today the wonderful truths of this
tremendous seventh chapter of Romans. I have heard
people say they want to "get out of Romans 7 and into
Romans 8" and I know the spirit in which they say
that, for Romans 8 is a tremendous chapter. But I
confess to you that I have learned more about VICTORY
in Romans 7 than in any other chapter I have ever
studied carefully. I hope it will be a blessing to you
as we take it up.

Remember that in Romans 7:1 through 6, which we have
just studied, we learned definitely from verse 4
through 6 that the Believer is DEAD TO THE LAW. Then
in verse 6, that he has been DELIVERED FROM THE LAW,
and we no longer serve in the oldness of obedience to
the Law, the old kind of life which was obedient to
Law, but now God has SUPERSEDED THAT by sending His
SPIRIT IN TO OUR HEARTS when we were born again, and
we serve in NEWNESS OF THE SPIRIT, the new life that
the Spirit gives, that makes us WANT to please God,
and gives us the POWER to do it, and makes us want to
NOT DISPLEASE GOD, and gives us the power to SAY NO to
that which displease Him.

So the believer is guided by the SPIRIT, is the
tremendous New Force in the believer's life, and the
Christian does not seek to "obey certain laws." We are
to turn away from false teachers who emphasize LAW as
the thing for us today, because the New Testament and
Paul and the Spirit of God emphasize that we are NOT
UNDER LAW but under GRACE.

Now here in Romans 7, 7 through 25, we have the
Relationship of Law in Sin.

Here is the argument. If deliverance from SIN means
deliverance from LAW (and we read that we WERE
delivered from the Law, in the plain words of verse
6), does this mean that LAW and SIN are the same?
The answer, of course, is No. The LAW simply REVEALS
THE AWFULNESS OF SIN. The LAW stirs it into action. ...

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