by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 1:2,10 and 13

Grace is flowing like a river!
Millions there have been supplied;
Still it flows, as full as ever,
From the Saviour's wounded Side.

My, those are marvelous words, friends, and today we
are speaking to you on "The Sufficiency of God's
Grace" as found in the use of the word "grace" by
Peter in his Epistle. But let me remind you again of
these words:

Grace is flowing like a river!

Millions of people have found, in the GRACE of God,
the supply of all their need, and yet the River just
flows on today, the River of God's Grace, just as full
as ever, because it comes from the Saviour's wounded

So now I want you to turn with me in your Bibles to
First Peter, as we take up the marvelous study of this
word "grace." May the Lord bless us as we study His

The subject of our study today is "The Sufficiency of
God's Grace," grace sufficient for all of our needs.
When we are saved, God does not leave us to work out
our lives all by ourselves. No, the Lord has for us
SUFFICIENT GRACE. That means, RESOURCES to help us
live the Christian life as pleasing to Him.

We usually think of PAUL as the Apostle of Grace, but
PETER has much to say about grace, too. One of the
characteristic words found in First Peter is the word
"grace." I find that the Greek word charis, or
"grace," is used ten times in First Peter! It is a
wonderful word that every Christian must be familiar
with, to understand God's provisions for him, and to
know the sufficiency of God's grace, grace sufficient
for all our needs, as we heard in the song just a
moment ago.

Not let us see what grace is and what it means to us

The first time we find the word "grace" in First Peter
is chapter 1, verse 2. We find charis three times in
this first chapter: verse 2, verse 10, and verse 13.
Now verse 2. Peter is writing "To the Elect, according
to the fo ...

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