by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:28

There are three passages of Scripture I want to call
your attention to today. We are beginning a study
that will be a wonderful blessing to our hearts as we
listen to the Word of God very carefully and very
accurately. I want to speak to you on the greatest
word in the world. That word is SALVATION. When you
and I come down to the end of life's journey, believe
me, that word will loom up as the greatest word in
all the world, and if it is going to be the greatest
word then, it is the greatest word now. We want to
talk about SALVATION today, and I hope it will be a
real blessing to your heart.

If you are going to define SALVATION, it is not an
easy word to define. But after years of studying the
Bible I have come up with this sentence. Salvation is
a crisis, followed by a process, issuing into a
perfect state. Let me repeat that, please. SALVATION
is a CRISIS, followed by a PROCESS, and issuing into
a PERFECT STATE. So you see, salvation is a little
more complex than most of us think. We can put it
another way. Salvation is instantaneous. It is also
progressive. It is also abiding, that is, through the
ages of eternity. Or, in theological terms, in Bible
terms, salvation is justification, sanctification,
and glorification. It takes all of these, to
understand salvation.

Now let's look at it for a moment. First of all,
salvation is a crisis. We are talking about
justification. The crisis is a birth. Birth-time is
always a crisis time. In John the third chapter Jesus
said that except a man be BORN AGAIN he cannot see
the kingdom of God; he cannot enter into the kingdom
of God. It is a BIRTH. In 1907 I was born physically.
Twenty years later, in 1927, I was born spiritually.
It is a birth by God. In 1907 my mother gave me
birth. But twenty years later my Heavenly Father
stooped down from heaven and gave me bir ...

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