by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I John 2:1

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles turn with me to
I John 2:1. Our subject for today is "The Almighty and
Everlasting Advocacy of Christ," Christ pleading our
case before the Father. It's a beautiful thing. It's
one of the most comforting truths found in the Bible.
I picked up a magazine the other day and as I was
reading I came across this picture of Oliver North
being drilled before a congressional panel relative to
the Iran Contra affair. In it we see Mr. North sitting
before the group. He's not saying anything. His brow
is furrowed; he's looking down; he's concerned; he's

Then sitting beside him is his lawyer, Mr. Sullivan,
and he's sitting with his hands outstretched toward
the panel as though he was pleading for his client.
Down below are these words, "North with attorney
Brendan Sullivan, a vigorous advocate for the
accused." Immediately when I read that, my mind went
to the Word of God, and to this great statement in I
John 2:1, which is such a comfort to everyone who
knows he is a sinner and God is a holy God. It is the
advocacy of Jesus Christ for us sinners. Christ our

Now Mr. Brendan Sullivan was the advocate, the lawyer,
the representative of Oliver North, and his defender.
Time and again he would interrupt as some government
official was checking on Mr. North and making
accusation against him. Mr. Sullivan would throw in a
word for Oliver North and defend him against their
accusation. Heatedly, many times he would say, "Don't
talk like that" and he would defend his client. So we
have him as an advocate, a vigorous advocate for the

As I saw the accused and his defender, it stuck out in
my mind and I circled it with pen and ink and thought,
"My, this is a picture of what we find in the Word of
God!" What a picture it is! A great human lawyer
defending his client; ...

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