by Jesse Hendley

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The Resurrection Of Christ - Part 1 (1 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
John 20:19-23

I heard a man on television make the statement that
Easter was not found in the Bible, that it proceeded
from heathen origins, that the emphasis in the New
Testament was on the Passover and that the early
church did not observe it as we do. He was plainly
teaching that Christians today are wrong in the way we
worship on Easter Sunday!

I beg to differ with the brother. The emphasis in the
New Testament was on the death and resurrection of
Christ as seen in the Book of Acts. Christianity does
not stop with Christ dying on the cross but it goes on
to teach us He rose from the dead, reappeared to His
disciples, ascended back to Heaven, and lives today in
the hearts of all who believe on Him! One day while a
student at our Southern Baptist Seminary in Louis-
ville, Kentucky, one of our great professors quoted a
Greek sentence in summing up the main topic of pre-
aching and teaching in the early days of the church
when he said, "And they preached HO IASOUS KAI ha
anastesis---they preached JESUS and the Resurrection."

This is precisely the emphasis of Easter in our
crowded churches today that are true to God. This is
the reason, to spiritual people who love Christ; it is
such a delightful time. Easter today is a time of
special celebration of the Resurrection of our beloved
Saviour, and many people of the world are attracted
and hear the glad tidings, "He is Risen Indeed." Paul
rejoiced that Christ was preached by pretenders and
truthful men of God.

As long as I can remember, Easter has been a very
special time, a holy time, a time of lifting up Christ
and ever since my conversion, it has become more
precious through the years because of my love for Him.

Here is an outline of some of the profound teachings
of God's Word on this subject---John 20:19-23.

1. Verse 19, "Then the same day at evening, being the
first day of ...

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