by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:24-25

In Romans 4:24-25 the Divine Spirit, through Paul,
tells us that God writes us down in His Book in heaven
as righteous "if we believe on Him that raised up
Jesus our Lord from the dead; Who was delivered for
our offenses, and was raised again for our
justification. " You want to go to heaven, right? To
go to heaven you must be right with God. Right? Only
God can tell you that you are right in His eyes.
Right? To be right with God, He says we must believe.
To be right with God, we must believe what He says in
the Bible. Here He has spoken through Paul and tells
us how to be right with Himself, to know Him, to have
fellowship with Him, to be intimate with Him, to have
God for our Friend.

"If We Believe"

This is one of the most important words in salvation.
My blessings now and my future life depend on my
believing. God demands belief in Him and His Word, the
Bible, for salvation. If I believe, I will go to
heaven. If I refuse to believe, I cannot go to heaven
and will be lost forever! So I must believe to walk
with God and be blessed in this life, and to be with
God in heaven in the next life. I must believe.

"Why I Must Believe"

I want to go to heaven. To go to heaven I must get
right with God. To get right with God I must get rid
of my sins. I cannot get rid of my sins by myself or
anything I can do. So this wonderful God who hates my
sins, loves me so much that He did all that was
necessary to rid me of my sins, all guilt and
condemnation, and He says the sin question is settled
between us when I believe on Him, a wonderful Holy
God, and on His Son JESUS and what They did on the

I can believe two things. First, "that He delivered
Jesus, His own Son, for my offenses." It is not easy
to believe that God loves me enough to give His Son
for me, that all the thousands of bad thoughts of my
life, the bad words ...

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