by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 14:8

I want to speak to you today on Why Jesus Came. In
John, chapter 14, we read the cry of one of the
disciples of our Lord. This man had been walking with
Jesus for a long while. And Philip raised a question
that many hearts are raising today.

Philip said unto Jesus---and this was just before the
time of the crucifixion---"Lord, show us the Father."
That has been the cry of man ever since he has sinned.
That is the reason Jesus Christ came---that He might
show us the Father. There was no other way that God
could show us Himself, except through Jesus Christ.
You cannot find out what God is like any other way.
You find what God is like in the person of Jesus
Christ. "Show us the Father" is the cry of many a
heart. We want to know God, the One Who is looking
after us, caring for us, meeting all our needs, giving
us strength for our weakness, joy for our sorrows,
victory for our sins. Men cannot know God the Father
except through the Lord Jesus Christ.

You remember that Moses was given by God an intimacy
with Him that no man had ever had, or has had since.
It is written of Moses that God spake unto him face to
face as a man speaketh with his friend. God said, "If
I speak to any of the others, I will speak to them in
dreams and visions, but not my friend Moses." God gave
to Moses a knowledge of Himself that no man on the
face of the earth ever was given. Yet, with all that,
Moses was still not satisfied. Moses wanted to SEE GOD
in His essential Glory! And you remember, one time God
said to Moses, "You have found favor in my sight." And
Moses replied, "If I have found favor in Thy sight,
show me Thy glory." Now what did he mean by that? Had
he not seen God as no other man? And yet he is saying
here, "Show me Thy Glory." He meant that he wanted to
see God, His very Being, in all His fullness and
Beauty and Wonder and Splendor. Moses was saying,
"Unveil Th ...

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