by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 7

Friends, today we come to one of the most amazing
studies in the Bible, one that we need to know, in the
seventh chapter of Romans.

Now let me recapitulate for just a moment. In Romans 6
we had two divisions. In Romans 6:1-14 we had the
mystical union of Christ and the believer. And then,
in Romans 6:13-23 we had the secret of the realization
of victory in the Christian life, and that was to
yield ourselves unto God so that His Holy Spirit might
work and live the life of Christ through us.

Now as we think about HOW to live the life of victory
in union with Christ, by yielding to God, the great
question comes, "Where does the Law come in?" Romans 7
answers that, and we find that in Romans 7 there is a
CHANGE, in this present time, from Law to Grace.

There are two illustrations of this. First, the
illustration of SLAVERY, the slavery unto sin and
death. We have been FREED from that slavery. Second,
the illustration of MARRIAGE. A wife is free from her
husband at death just as a slave is freed from his
master at death. We are reckoned to have DIED WITH
CHRIST, so we are no longer SLAVES to sin, and no
longer MARRIED to sin.

Next we have the Law and its relationship to sin, in
Romans 7.

Then we have Paul's experience that the Law failed to
save him.

And then, Paul's victory IN CHRIST.

And that brings us to Romans 8 and "there is no
condemnation in Christ Jesus."

Now, first of all, let us turn to Romans 7, verses 1
through 6, and it is an interesting study. How we
praise the Lord for it!

In this tremendous passage we find the CHANGE from Law
to Grace has superseded Law, and we have the
illustration of marriage to bear it out, the
illustration from the law of marriage, applying it to
the Gospel. Marriage law binds a woman to her husband
ONLY so long as he lives. So with a Christian: he was
wedded to his old ...

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