by Jesse Hendley

The Believer's Old Self Crucified
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 6

Turn with me, please, to Romans 6, the marvelous
chapter on Sanctification, the glorious truth of our
union with the Lord Jesus Christ. We found that when
we believed on Him as our Saviour and were justified
by faith, something happened on the inside of us: God
not only declared us righteous, but God gave us the
very Life of the Lord Jesus and we are united with

We were crucified with Him.

We were buried with Him.

We were made alive together with Him.

We were grafted together as a graft is grafted into a
tree, and made partaker of His Life, so that His Life
pours through us to enable us to have victory and
power over sin and power to testify for Him.

We were raised together with Christ in the estimation
of God.

We were set down together with Him in the heavenly
places, which means our position as God sees us.
If we die, we shall be together with Him in the
Father's House, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
Or if He comes before we die, then we shall be caught
up together with our saved loved ones and we shall be
together with Him. First Thessalonians 4.

Then God tells us that the way to bear fruit is to
"abide in Him." We do not bear fruit by struggling. A
branch does not "struggle" to bear fruit. It simply
stays joined to the vine, and the vine pours its sap
through the little branch and the result is fruit. We
do not struggle, then, to bear fruit; if we abide in
Christ fruit is the natural result.

So, God wants us to do two things, for much fruit:
stay joined to Christ and stay clean. If we stay
joined to Christ by abiding in Him, and if we stay
clean, the answer is "much fruit before God." That is
a wonderful, wonderful study.

Now we come to the 6th verse of this chapter. "Knowing
this, that our old man WAS crucified with Him." The
King James Version translates it "IS crucified," but
the Revised Version an ...

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