by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Genesis 8:20

Friends, turn with me now, if you will, to Genesis 8:20,
and we are studying here a wonderful statement. We are
studying "Man's Way and God's Way to Heaven." If you go
man's way, you won't get there! If you go God's way, you
WILL. It is very important that we KNOW THE WAY to Heaven,
and God makes it plain all the way through the Bible, Old
Testament and New, that the way back to God is through the
shedding of blood, the innocent dying for the guilty.

We have already studied about the Garden of Eden, and about
Abel and Cain. Now let's come today to NOAH. We are moving
forward in human history. More than a thousand years later,
after the record of Cain, we read this: "Noah builded an
altar unto the Lord and took of every clean beast and every
clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar. And
the Lord smelled a sweet savor." Isn't that an amazing

Noah, we read in Genesis 6, was the best man God had on
earth. He was perfect in all his generations and Noah
walked with God. We learn immediately then that the Old
Testament word for "perfect" here does not mean absolutely
perfect, for to offer sacrifice to God is an admittance of
imperfection. Jesus Christ never offered sacrifice to God.
That is the one reason we know that Mary, the mother of
Jesus, was not divine. She was not deity. She was not God.
She offered sacrifice unto the Lord. Now the offering of
sacrifice is the admittance of guilt, admittance of sin,
and here is Noah offering sacrifice, the best man God had
on the earth and whom God spared from the judgment of the
flood when He drowned the rest of the world because of its
sin when they would not repent. God drowned them to save
unborn generations. Let me vindicate God. Wicked people,
living wickedly, raise wicked children; and that increases
till the whole earth is covered with SIN. That is what
happened before the days o ...

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