by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 3:16

Notice the subject, "How You May KNOW You Are Saved."
There are so many people troubled about this matter.
Recently I went into the inquiry room in an
evangelistic campaign, and I dealt with souls. I found
that the majority of the people do not know how to be
saved. They do not know how to know they are saved. So
we are dealing with that subject now. I remember one
person in that inquiry room, a big, strapping,
well-dressed, fine business man, tears in his eyes, in
great distress about his soul. As I talked with him, I
pointed him to John 3:16, that he could know
positively that he was saved and going to heaven, that
he was God's child, ready to meet the Lord.

Now we may know John 3:16 in our heads, but it is
something else to know the truth in our hearts and
lives. I hope we will see that today, if we haven't
before, and that the truth might enter our souls so we
may enjoy our salvation.

As I stood in the inquiry room and saw that crowd of
people, all coming to seek the Lord and make sure
about their salvation, I pointed to them individually
and had them quote that great passage, "For God so
loved the world ..." And I said to this business man,
"Brother, you are a part of this world God loves YOU.
If there hadn't been anyone else on the earth, He
would have saved YOU. He loved you." Then I said,
"Commonly speaking, we think of the world as a whole,
as God loving people in totality. But that is not what
this truth is. This means that God loves us
individually. Christ died for each one of us,
individually. We must be saved individually. We came
into this world alone. We are going out alone. We must
be saved alone. God had to save us alone. He didn't
die "for everybody" in the sense of a mass of people,
but for us INDIVIDUALLY. God loves YOU individually.
And I said to this big fellow, "You know, it's the
greatest discovery a man ev ...

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