by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:9

Now, friends, turn with me to Romans 10:9, and we are
studying CONVERSION. You cannot consider a subject more
important to you than that of CONVERSION. Have you been
converted? If you haven't, you cannot go to heaven. If you
haven't, you are facing the Judgment. If you haven't, God's
Word very plainly says that you are on your way to hell. I
didn't say that; the BIBLE says it. Unconverted people are
going to hell, and only CONVERTED people are going to
heaven, that isn't a pleasant thing to say, but, beloved, a
man of God is not SUPPOSED to fool people. A man of God is
supposed to have compassion. He is supposed to LOVE people.
And if the Bible is so (and it is), and if there is a God
in heaven (and there is a God in heaven), and if this Bible
is His Word (and it is His Word), and if Jesus told the
truth (and He did tell the truth), then ALL UNCONVERTED
PEOPLE are going to hell. Therefore NOTHING is more
important to you, or to your son or daughter or father or
mother or husband or wife, then THIS QUESTION: Have you
been converted to God? Jesus said, "EXCEPT YE BE CONVERTED,
you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot get in."

To be converted, WE MUST BELIEVE on Christ in our heart AND
CONFESS HIM with our mouths.

Someone is saying to me, "I cannot accept Christ until my
circumstances are changed." Some people stay away from
conversion, from confessing Christ, though they believe on
Him to some degree in their hearts, because they say their
"circumstances" are not conducive to living the Christian
life. "When my circumstances change, I am going to change
and confess Christ and be saved. I cannot be a Christian in
the place where I work! I cannot be a Christian in the
circumstances where I live. The people and conditions that
surround me are such that I cannot live the Christian life.
If these were different, I could accept Christ."

My friends, th ...

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