by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8

Friends, I want you to turn with me now to Romans, the
8th chapter, and we are concluding today that first
wonderful verse of that tremendous chapter and the
expression "in Christ Jesus" and what it means. We
found out that "in Christ Jesus" is the location of
the child of God. It has nothing to do with your
feeling. It has nothing to do with your experience. It
is where you are located when you sincerely trust
Jesus as your Saviour and Lord. Faith is an attitude
of dependence on Christ, and if you depend on Christ,
if you are looking to Christ, looking to Him alone,
then you are SAVED.

Now to continue this study "in Christ Jesus," we read
in Galatians 1:22 of "the churches in Christ Jesus"
the called-out assemblies that are "in Christ." It is
the group of people in Galatia in the church who were
really born again and who trusted Jesus as their
Saviour and Lord. Such were "in" Christ Jesus. And
when they are "in" Christ, they BELONG to Christ. He
is sheltering them and shielding them and taking care
of them.

Then in Galatians 3:27 we read of being "baptized into
Christ Jesus." Baptized into Christ. Baptized means to
be baptized into His sphere of influence and into the
work, which He came to do. He came to die for our sins
and pay for our sins and work salvation for us. So
when we are baptized into Christ we are baptized into
the state of salvation, the state of safety, the state
of relationship to Jesus that means we are no longer
aliens but we are now the children of God and He is
looking after us.

In Ephesians 1:3 we have a wonderful statement about
"in Christ." "He hath blessed us with all spiritual
blessings in Christ." Every spiritual blessing comes
to us in Christ. People who are unsaved are out of
Christ. They have nothing to do with Christ, and
Christ has nothing to do with them. He cannot, because
they will not have Him. All people a ...

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