by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 13

Today we are studying in the thirteenth chapter of the
Book of Hebrews, "What We Have In Christ." The writer
warns the people about refusing to own Christ as
Saviour and Lord after they have made their profession
of Him as Saviour---rejecting Him, turning their backs
on Him. They hadn't done it yet, but the writer was
warning, and pointing out to them the wonderful things
we have in Christ when we become Christians.

First, we have a Helper, in all the trials of life.
Verse 6. "The Lord is my Helper. I will not fear what
men shall do unto me." That is a wonderful passage.
The lad out on the battlefield can say that. "I will
not fear. The worst the enemy can do is take our life,
and that, only by the permissive will of God. After
that we have heaven with the Lord." So we have a
Helper. We thank God for that. We have a divine Helper
every step of the way. Any person, anywhere, anytime,
can say, "The Lord is my Helper." That is a quotation
from the Old Testament, and in the Hebrew it is just
two words, "God" and "for me." The Hebrew didn't put
in the word "is." He just said, "The Lord, for me."
That is, "The Lord is for me." The full meaning of it
is, "The Lord is my Helper." Well, He IS our Helper,
friends, helping us all through life.

Then we have a present and eternal DELIVERER! Verse 8,
"Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever."
He has never changed and never will change. In His
life here on earth, He was always JESUS, wherever they
found Him, the loving Saviour who came down from
heaven to show us the way of Salvation. He mixed and
mingled with sinners. He didn't stand aloof from them.
He didn't rebuke and condemn them. He came to seek and
to SAVE them who were lost! He didn't come to call the
righteous. He came to call sinners to repentance and
live holy lives. He came to tell the woman taken in
sin, "Go and sin no more." He ...

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