by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 2:17

I have here a letter I want to read to you, as an
encouragement to pray. From the Book of Daniel,
chapter 2, verse 17.

Here is the letter. I'll not tell where it is from.
"Dear Brother Hendley: I have heard you preach over
the radio. Though I have never seen you I feel as
though I know you personally and I count you as a
personal friend. So many times I have wanted to
write you but I hardly knew how to say what I wanted
to say. This morning your message seemed to be a
heart-to-heart talk with me. You would make a state-
ment, and in my mind a question would arise, and
then you would give the answer not knowing I was
even listening, of course. In the message this
morning you said God would answer prayer and that
God through prayer could perform miracles. Nothing
less than a miracle performed by our God can help my
problem. You see, my husband is literally drinking
himself to death. To see what it does to him is most
terrible, but it also affects our two fine boys. My
oldest son left home because of this, and my younger
son is nervous and afraid of his daddy. Not only
does my husband beat us (me, usually) but the things
he says and the things he accuses me of are all but
unbearable. I have no feeling of guilt because I
know, and God knows, that I am not guilty. Surely I
am a sinner, but I mean I am not guilty of the
things he accuses me of. It hurts to have him say
such horrible, ugly things to me. I know he isn't
all bad. I know that somewhere hidden in his heart
is a desire to turn to Christ, but he won't give in
to this. I know this because he never fails to
mention the fact that he isn't Christian, even
though he joined the church when he was a child. I
am not the one to say whether he is or is not a
Christian; that is between him and his Master. I
know that I myself am a Christian, and I have prayed
and prayed for him. It may be th ...

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