by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Judges 6

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Judges, the 6th chapter, and we are studying today how God
delivers His people and also the Call of God, how God calls
a man, how He calls men to salvation and calls men to
service. People ask me that question. "How can I hear the
Voice of God? How can I know God has called?" We see it
here as we study the life of Gideon today.

Now in Judges the 6th chapter we have already found that
Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord and God
raised up judgment in the form of the Midianites, who put
Israel in terrible bondage and slavery for seven years.

Seven years of affliction! Some people never learn any
other way. I saw a man one time in an elevator going up to
an operating room, and he groaned out, "Lord, have mercy on
me!" I wanted to stop and say, "Brother, how long has it
been since you PRAYED? Did you wait till you were face to
face with the knife, face to face with death, before you
seriously called on God?"

Well, Israel waited till she was seven years in the
affliction of the oppressor before she called on God. But
when she did call, in prayer, God being God and answering
prayer when it is honest, raised up a prophet who told them
their trouble: that they had been disobedient unto the
Voice of God. Disobedience to God is a terrible SIN.

Then, God Almighty sent an angel down to a young man by the
name of Gideon and called him as their deliverer. When a
nation gets in sin, God sends a prophet to point out what
is wrong---disobedience. Secondly, He sends a deliverer to
positively lead them out and back into His blessing again.

Those two elements are necessary. People need to see WHY
they are in the condition they are in. Secondly, the
remedy. In every sermon (that ought to be true of us; God
have mercy on me as an evangelist and as a preacher) we
ought to show people from God's Wo ...

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